Established Summer 2005
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This unique magazine is now eight issues old and has already generated a huge amount of interest in the Lego community. There are updates on the Lego Group and its enterprises, interviews with adult friends of Lego [AFOLs] and Lego executives, announcements and reports on regional and national meetings of Lego afficionados, articles about the history of the "Lego", discussions of the many facets of the Lego experience and even "Build Your Own" model plans. There have been a few helpful ads about AFOL books and models available for sale - which hopefully help pay the editor, Joe Meno, and his enthusiastic staff some sort of stipend for their wonderful efforts. I've listed the link to this publication at the bottom of this page. Please visit!

It is a complete coincidence that Magnus Lauglo, a member of the BrickJournal editorial staff, did an e-interview with me several months ago which appeared in the Fall 2005 issue (#2). I've read every issue cover-to-cover and thoroughly enjoyed every article. I can hardly wait for the next issue!


I actually got a corner
of the journal's cover!

Here is the nice article by Magnus Lauglo:

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