#1 & #65 Caerlaverock Castle
Dumfriesshire, Scotland
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Castle Caerlaverock was built between 1280-90 and by 1300 was already besieged by Edward I during his war against John Balliol, his appointee as the Scottish king. This war is still remembered for the brave resistance put up by the Scots under Sir William Wallace. When the constable suddenly sided with Balliol's rival Robert the Bruce, the castle was dismantled at Bruce' request and it deteriorated. This castle is the only triangular castle in the United Kingdom. The castle was carefully rebuilt following the original plan in the 15th century, though the massive gatehouse was strengthened, residential quarters added, and gunports inserted to aid in the defense of the castle
The ornate residential ranges were added in the 1630s by Lord Nithsdale, a sharp contrast to the double moats and earthen ramparts that needed to be crossed by attackers before the daunting gatehouse and machicolated parapets were even addressed. All the photos on this page were taken by me at the castle in August 2000. The signs at the left and right depict life at Caerlaverock in 1290 and 1640 respectively.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built Oct-Dec 1997
First version built
in 1986
East View
Front View
Northeast View
South View
West View

Build Your Own
Front View
Top Down #1
Top Down #2
Top Down #3
West View

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