#64 The Keep of Canterbury Castle
Kent, England
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This great tower of 90 x 75 feet (plus plinth) dates to the reigns of either Henry I or early Henry II. It had pilaster buttresses, two cross-walls inside and a forebuilding, of which only the foundations remain. The top two stories of the keep, which was probably about 80 feet tall, are absent. The extensive and once powerful castle in Kent with its gates, barbican, bridge, chapel and other buildings has gradually disappeared, save a pair of fourteenth century gates and some curtain walls and towers that guard to town of Canterbury. The castle's major use from sometime in the 12th century was as the gaol (jail) for the County of Kent.

Interior View
A Canterbury Gatehouse
Canterbury Town Wall

Photos of the Lego Model
Built June 1997
Northeast View
Northwest View
Southeast View
Southwest View

Build Your Own
East View
Top Down
West View

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