#5 & #62 The Keep of Castle Rising
Norfolk, England
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Begun in 1138 by William d'Albini, Earl of Sussex, for his new wife, the widow of Henry I, this doughty castle comprises the substantial keep, the remains of the Norman gatehouse and chapel, and 12 acres of massive earthworks. The donjon is impressively decorated with its gallery and chapel. Queen Isabella was exiled to Castle Rising in 1331 after scheming with the feckless Roger Mortimer to murder her husband Edward II. She was sent there by her own son, King Edward III, but apparently lived in luxury, building in new residence for herself next to the old keep, the foundations of which can be seen in photo 4 [middle right].
Once completed the great tower measured 69 by 79 feet in size. It is currently 50 feet tall but was a few feet higher with its original parapet and turrets. The door into the forebuilding on the east side is reached by a two-flight staircase behind a stout wall. The blind-arch decoration high on this wall was fun to design and build in Lego bricks.


Ground Floor Plan First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
and Key


Photos of the Lego Model
Built September 1996
Pictures and plans for the 1986 model can be
seen on the Early Castles page.
South View
Northeast View
Northwest View
West View
Detail View
Entrance View
Early Model #5
Built October 1986


Build Your Own
Lego Plan
Roof/Battlement Plan
South Elevation
East Elevation
North Elevation
West Elevation
Cross Section

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