#2 & #55 Goodrich Castle
Herefordshire, England
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The first castle at the strategic site overlooking the River Wye was an enclosure built along 1102. It was probably another half century before Godric Mappestone, from whom the name of the castle presumably arises, strengthened the castle with a stone tower. Further substantial enlargments were carried out in the late thirteenth century by William Marshall and his son Aymer de Valence. In addition to the towers and curtain wall, the barbican and gatehouse, as well as the spurs of several drum towers were added.
Goodrich passed from the hands of the Earls of Pembroke to become the chief seat of the Earls of Shrewsbury in 1446, then passed on to the Earls of Kent in 1616. Attacked in the Civil Wars of 1642-6 by Cromwell's army, Goodrich finally succumbed to four and one half months of pummelling by 200 pound balls from the Cromwellian mortar "Roaring Meg", the last castle in Herefordshire to fall. Following the Civil War the castle was slighted [partially dismantled] and allowed to fall into disrepair.


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Built August 1993
First attempt
July 1986
South View
Southwest View
East View
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North View


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