#46 Hever Castle
Kent, England
1270 - 1482
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This castle is dedicated to my good friend, Jim Wideman, who kindly provided the courtyard and interior photographs of
Hever as well as the plan of the castle - all from an official guidebook he kept for many years after his visit to Hever while
working for several years in England for A.E. Staley Company, now Tate & Lyle. Jim and I played golf in the same foursome
twice a week for years. My witty and compassionate friend died suddenly in his home on May 1, 2005 at age 78. He is
fondly remembered and dearly missed by his wife Erla, family and numerous friends, including Judy and me!

This beautiful Fortified Manor House was begun by William de Hever about 1270, with his grandson William and greatgreatgrandson Sir John de Cobham granted licenses to add more battlements in 1340 and 1380 respectively. The castle was purchased by Sir Geoffrey Boleyn, Lord Mayor of London, in 1460, and the artificial lake was added at that time. The Boleyn's were at the pinnacle of London society for several generations. It was Geoffrey's grandson Thomas who inherited Hever Castle.
It was Sir Thomas' children who had so much trouble with King Henry VIII! Thomas' elder daughter Mary became Henry's mistress and later Anne became his unfortunate wife. Thomas' son George was also beheaded by Henry on a charge of adultery with his own sister, the Queen! Anne was of course the mother of Elizabeth I. The castle was bought by William Waldorf Astor in 1903 and much restoration was done at that time. The castle is still owned by the Astors. Several photos below show the current courtyard, Entrance Hall, Tower Hall and Henry VIII's bedroom.

Photos of the Lego Model
Built August 1993
South View
West View
North View
East View


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